10 good reasons to choose St Martin and St Barth for your next vacations !

What if Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth were the Eldorado for the Christmas vacations?

With the improvement of the health situation and the absence of confinement, the opening of hotels, restaurants and beaches, as well as the increase in flights, Saint Martin or Saint Barthélemy are becoming safe and ideal destinations to stay.

And we explain in this “top 10” why!

  1. An ideal tropical climate and atmosphere

When you say “West Indies”, you say “sun”, and believe us, in this particularly gloomy period, it is a great comfort. Coming to Saint-Martin or Saint-Barth on vacation is the assurance of getting up in the morning and enjoying an ideal tropical climate during the day.

The festive atmosphere in the West Indies, so particular but always joyful and festive, will make your stay memorable! We guarantee it!

Photo Crédit : RTGH Photography / Emilio Wilson Park
Photo Crédit : RTGH Photography

2. Breathtaking Caribbean scenery!

The sceneries of the Caribbean islands are known to be beautiful, so what if on your future vacation photos, you immortalize those of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth?

The fauna and flora, both terrestrial and aquatic, are very diverse, the beaches are beautiful, the houses and streets are colorful and the landscapes are breathtaking. Don’t forget the breathtaking sunsets.

Photo Crédit : Agnès Etchegoyen

3. Sanitary situation improving for St Martin and St Barth

There is no containment or curfew in place, most of the overseas departments have not been impacted by the last containment, our islands have remained open to the public without restrictions. If the circulation of the virus remains active, the ARS evokes “a trend to decrease” in recent weeks. If you want to travel between St Martin and St Barth, no declaration or test will be required for French and European citizens.

It is therefore an excellent time to take advantage of the local health context, which is much less anxiety-provoking and more relaxed than in metropolitan France!

Photo Crédit : Francesco Amiaud

4. Reinforcement of the airlines to come to the West Indies

Air France, Air Caraïbes and Corsair, the two airlines that serve the Caribbean from Paris, have announced an increase in their flights for the holiday season. From December 15, there will be many direct flights to St Maarten Juliana, or via Pointe a Pitre.

Photo Crédit : RTGH Photography / Maho Beach

5. The maritime lines open to travel between the two islands

Need to visit St Barth or vice versa? Take advantage of the excursions offered with or without a tour package by the VOYAGER boats which operate the line 7 days a week. It will allow all families of residents or simple European vacationers to move freely and without constraint. This will allow you to fully enjoy your stay and make it very pleasant.

Photo Crédit : Francesco Amiaud
Photo Crédit : Francesco Amiaud

6.The restaurants are open

The islands of St. Martin and St. Barthélemy are known for their good food and the many restaurants that offer a choice unmatched in the Caribbean.

Bars and restaurants are allowed to stay open until midnight.

Port de Marigot
Photo Crédit : Agnès Etchegoyen / Baie de Marigot

7.Hotel and beach openings

On both islands, many hotels that had delayed their opening following the pandemic announce their reopening soon, others are already open and are ready to receive all vacationers in comfort and safety.

Photo Crédit : RTGH Photography / Mullet Bay Beach

8. St Martin, French or Dutch part ?

The island of St Martin has the particularity of being peacefully shared between France and the Netherlands since 1648. In the south, don’t miss the spectacular landings at Juliana airport on the Dutch side, or visit Philipsburg, the “more American” capital of St Maarten. The French side of St. Martin (in the north) will seduce you with its authentic charm and the kindness of its inhabitants.

9.St Barths: a must-see stopover!

It is impossible to visit St. Martin without going to the island of St. Barth… If the island is very popular with international stars, each visitor will be able to take full advantage of a visit to St. Barth to see, within a few kilometers, the jet set (yachts, villas and luxury stores) and the local natural and wild spaces (Corossol, Grand Fonds, Salines). Don’t miss the boat trip to St Barths with Voyager.

Photo Crédit : St Barth Office du tourisme / Baie de St Jean
Photo Crédit : St Barth Office du tourisme

10. Less tourist traffic, ideal to fully enjoy our islands!

With this pandemic situation, travelers are becoming rarer, the positive side in all this? It is that the future vacationers will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches even more.

Stretches of white sand for them all alone with of course the breathtaking view of the crystal clear sea. Isn’t life beautiful?

All the cocktail to spend a good holiday will be there.

Alors si vous hésitiez encore sur la future destination de vos vacances, vous savez désormais où aller.

So if you were still hesitating on the future destination of your vacations, you now know where to go.