How to get to Saint Barth?

You have finally decided to stay on the island of Saint-Barthelemy (also known as “Saint Barts”, “Saint Barths”, or “Saint Barth”), congratulations! We’ll explain how to get there to make the most of your trip.

Le port de GUSTAVIA à Saint Barth accueille VOYAGER

STEP 1: take a flight to… SINT MAARTEN!

The fabulous island of SAINT-BARTH has an airport… and it’s one of the shortest airstrips in the world! Long-haul flights cannot therefore arrive there directly. You will therefore need to take flight to SAINT MARTIN / ST MAARTEN (Dutch side) and land at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) if you are coming with international company, or Grand-Case L’Espérance Airport (SFG) on the French side, if you come from a nearby destination with a smaller plane.

Most major international companies (including Air France, American Airlines, etc) offer flights to St Maarten Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), which is on the Dutch side of the island. This is the closest international airport to Saint Barth (SBH), and we will explain the travel from there in this article. But it is also possible to go through San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) or Pointe à Pitre – Guadeloupe (PTP) to come directly to Saint Barths by small plane.

As we said, most travelers favor Princess Juliana airport, served by many more companies (with often more competitive flights).
After landing at this airport, you must collect your luggage and then take a taxi or shuttle to a departure point for SAINT BARTH. This intermediate destination will depend on your choice for routing:

  • either by ferry (more economical) which will give you direct access to the Capital GUSTAVIA. Good to know : the VOYAGER FERRY COMPANY offers a VIP transit service to the Port of Marigot and assistance to facilitate your connection. The crossing lasts 1 hour on average (depending on the companies and the weather).
  • or by a small plane (more expensive and more “hectic” but faster). The flight lasts approximately 15 minutes, to which must be added the check-in, customs, boarding and disembarkation times. After your arrival there, you will need a vehicle to reach the city of GUSTAVIA or your hotel.

Important: The Saint Barthelemy landing strip (St. Barth’s Remy de Haenen Airport, aka “SBH”) is very short and on the side of a mountain, so pilots need a special qualification to land there. The landing is therefore quite spectacular, but completely safe (see the video below). Also note that for security reasons, planes can no longer take off or land after dark.

STEP 2: take the ferry to SAINT BARTH

Arriving by boat is the most “authentic” way to get to St Barths. This is obviously what we recommend. When you arrive in Saint-Martin (French part) or Sint-Maarten (Dutch part), several ferry companies operate several times a day.

Among the advantages of the ferry:

  • No limits in terms of baggage.
  • The trip is already a show: you will be able to sail at high speed on the incredible turquoise waters which surround St Barthelemy.
  • At certain times of the year, you can come across dolphins.

The arrival at the port of GUSTAVIA, the capital of Saint Barths, is truly spectacular (see photo at the beginning of the article). You will arrive right in the center of the city, with direct access to several shops, restaurants and hotels.

With the Voyager Ferry company, the crossing from Marigot (Saint-Martin) to Gustavia (St. Barth) takes 1 hour 15 minutes, with departures every morning and evening, from €76/person.

STEP 3: Rent a car if you want to explore the island

If you want to explore the island of Saint Barth, we highly recommend renting a vehicle. Several means of transport are available to you:
– Rental of a 2 wheeler or a quad
– Rental of a classic, convertible or electric car.

Good to know: you can book discounted tickets for a “ferry crossing + on-site vehicle rental” package on VOYAGER FERRY’s website.

Le ferry VOYAGER vous propose un pack "Ferry + location de voiture cabriolet"

Are you ready ?
Do not hesitate to consult our other articles on Saint Barth to prepare your trip.

Have a good trip !